Digga Agricultural series augers to 5T

Our Agricultural Series augers are specially purposed for one man Post Hole Borers, 3pt Linkage & front mounted post hole digger tractors, Ramdrills (rear mount tractors), and machines up to 5 tonnes. For efficient drilling, Digga has designed an effective auger cutting head for which, depending on the ground condition, you can choose between a selection of cutting heads – For A1, A3, A4, or TP augers for tree planting. Need something longer? Digga has a full range of auger extensions available to suit your specific requirements.

Australian made quality

With over 30 years of auger design and manufacturing using the highest quality material, Digga augers boast extremely efficient cutting head designs, heavy duty tubing, and optimum flight pitches to provide maximum spoil removal in all ground conditions.

A1 earth

Regulate drilling speed and still maintain the renowned Digga penetrating capabilities. To minimise overrun, and avoid auger jam, the A1 auger has its cutters fitted to one side and features a restrictor plate. A hard working, long lasting, and dependable drilling tool. Easy PADLOC knock in and out teeth require no special tools.

A3 & A4 earth

The A3 is constructed for efficient post hole digging while the A4 is the Contractor’s choice able to drill holes in earth and clay and designed specifically for the tough Australian conditions. Available in Earth, Tungsten, or MFT for general drilling. Easy PADLOC knock in and out teeth require no special tools.

TP – Tree planter

Designed to drill a smaller diameter hole for the tap root and a larger secondary hole at the top for the root ball. The design of the Tree Planter cutting system will leave the hole walls rough and not glazed, meaning the plant stock has the maximum chance of establishing.

Specification A1 A3 A4 TP
Drilling Conditions Soft Earth General General Soft Earth
Standard Hub Stihl Style 25mm Round 50.8mm Round 65mm Round 50.8mm Round
Hub Options N / A N / A 50.8 mm Round 50.8mm Hex
65mm Round
57mm Square
Overall Length 960 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
Flights (Lead) 6 mm 8 mm 8 mm 6 mm
Flights (Carry) 6 mm 8 mm 8 mm 6 mm
Ideal Drives Post Hole Borer 3PT Linkage PDD – PD4 / Ramdrill PDD-PD4
Optimum Drilling Speeds – RPM
Earth N / A 55-65 55-65 55-65
Clay N / A 45-55 45-55 45-55
Shale (Fracturable Rock) N / A 25-45 25-45 25-45
Heavy Rock N / A N / A N / A N / A