PRAMAC GSW-330V 315kVA 3P Diesel Generator

PRAMAC GSW-330V 3158kVA 3P Diesel Generator



The GSW-330V is a three phase canopy model ideal for standby power in off grid and on grid applications, delivering 330.00kVA power. The Volvo diesel engine is of high quality and Mecc Alte alternator is made in Italy. They are superbly complimented by a robust, weatherproof enclosure and state of the art digital control panel.

The 620L litre fuel tank provides more than 12.79 hours of run time at a 75% load. The canopy’s internal polyurethane foam lining sound-proofs the unit to a level of 68dBA at a seven metre distance.

The soundproof canopy is made up of modular panels realised with zinced steel as treatment against corrosion and aggressive conditions, properly fixed and sealed allowing a full weatherproof enclosure including air vents and exhaust fan. There is easy access to the genset for maintenance purposes assisted by wide lateral access doors fixed by stainless steel hinges and provided with plastic lockable handles and internal galvanised steel sheet.

The control panel allows for full operation and monitoring through analogue and leading technology digital instrumentation. Genset comes with comprehensive safety features comprising alarm/shutdown for low oil, over temperature and voltage control protection.

The Pramac units come fully pre-delivered in Australia and are comprehensively tested before supplying to the customer.

Stand By Power LTP kW/kVA: 264.00/ 330.00
Prime Power PRP kW/kVA:   252.00/ 315.00
Voltage Volt/Frequency Hz: 400 / 50
Phase: Three
Engine Brand: Volvo
Engine Model: TAD1342GE
Engine Cooling System: Water
Fuel:    Diesel
Number and Disposition of Cylinders: 6 in line
Displacement : 12780 cm3
Engine Aspiration: Turbocharged intercooled
Engine Speed Governor: Electronic
Prime Gross Power PRP kW: 313
 Maximum gross power LTP ESP kW: 343
Fuel Consumption at 75% / 100% PRP L/h : 193 g/kWh at 75% Load
Alternator Type: Mecc Alte
Alternator Poles: 4
Overall Dimension: 3951mm (L) x 1438mm(W) 2085mm (H)
Net Weight (kg): 3870.0 Kg
Fuel Tank Capacity: 620L